Babies & Children

Chiropractic checkups and adjustments now can make the world of a difference in a child’s life and long-term health.  This is because chiropractic care promotes a properly functioning central nervous system and immune system.  In infants, frequent chiropractic visits often result in easier breastfeeding, better sleep, and improved bowel movements. Immediate results in children often include a decrease in allergies, a reduction in sleeping disorders, and less hyperactivity.  Chiropractic care is also known to improve a child’s behavior and emotional health.

Our chiropractors are trained to carefully check a child’s spine for areas causing nerve damage. If any indication of trauma or damage is present, a gentle adjustment is administered with the same pressure you would use to test the ripeness of a tomato.  As a parent, it is important to keep in mind that adjusting techniques are modified for each child’s individual size and unique spinal issues.

“My 5 year old had a problem having bowel movements, which seems totally unrelated to adjustments, but the adjustments somehow helped.  She hasn’t had problems since.  I’ve even seen Dr. Charlene adjust my two month old nephew, who melted like butter in her loving hands.” – Liane J.
“Dr. Calio is amazing. He has taken care of my wife and two children for close to a year. From helping my 6 year old get rid of her daily migraines… to managing my 8 year old son’s scoliosis… to taking care of my wife pre-pregnancy, during pregnancy and after pregnancy he is amazing. Dr. Calio’s upper cervical technique is so gentle.” -Nathaniel R.

Here at Hawaii’s House Call Chiros, we love to see the whole family reach their fullest potential and wish to aid each family member in the journey toward optimal health.

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Your First Visit

(House Calls Only)
$ 150
60 Minutes

  • Your first visit includes: A thorough health history, posture analysis, orthopedic and neurological examinations to understand your current state of health and how to reach your health goals.

Standard House Call

Home/Office Visit
$ 85
30 minutes

  • After reviewing your health history and exam findings, your chiropractor will create a customized care plan for YOU and provide chiropractic care in the COMFORT of your own HOME.

Family House Call (3+)

Home/Office Visit
$ 75

  • Everyone in your family deserves to express health at 100%! Your family-friendly chiropractor provides an affordable rate for families of 3 or more.

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Babies & Children

Here at Hawaii’s House Call Chiros, we love to see the whole family reach their fullest potential and wish to aid each family member in …

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Whether it’s taking care of one child or several children, we understand that stay-at-home moms balance multiple jobs throughout the day.

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